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Children are not small adults. They have special needs based on their physiologic, anatomic, developmental and cognitive attributes, all of which put them at increased risk during a disaster or terrorist event. Some of their unique vulnerabilities in a disaster event include:

  • Developmental and cognitive levels may impede their ability to escape danger;
  • Age and cognitive development may not be sufficiently developed to convey medical history or other pertinent information if they become separated from their parents;
  • Weight appropriate medications as well as appropriately sized equipment and supplies are essential in order to effectively treat children;
  • Children with chronic conditions and special health-care needs are particularly at risk if their survival depends upon medications or medical technology, such as ventilators;
  • Less blood and fluid reserves increases their risk for dehydration and shock;
  • Higher respiratory rates put children at risk for greater exposure to aerosolized agents;
  • More permeable skin and larger skin surface to mass ratio increases their exposure risk to some biological and chemical agents; this also increases their risk for hypothermia; and
  • Increased vulnerability to radiation exposure requires a more vigorous medical response than adults.

Cited from the Illinois Emergency Medical System for Children Program.

National Pediatric Disaster Conference – Review (Final)



The Western Regional Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Management (WRAP-EM) is one of three national pediatric centers of excellence in the United States. It is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). WRAP-EM has developed a model for improving emergency pediatric disaster response capabilities throughout the western region. WRAP-EM ties together organizations and pediatric disaster expertise from Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. From these organizations, subject matter experts -- covering a multitude of response scenarios -- have united with a single mission: to impact the capacity and capabilities to respond to pediatric patients in a disaster. WRAP-EM is available to support and assist Healthcare Coalitions in their planning and response (https://wrap-em.org/)

National Pediatric Disaster Coalition

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