Leading the Pack

Disaster Response Partnerships


The training videos offered below were created as a result of requests from community organizations. They were completed with the help of numerous partners, sponsors, presenters, and/or actors. They are also available in closed captioned versions.

Coyote Crisis Moulage Training Video

This training video will demonstrate how to apply moulage and injury patterns for disaster exercises. The Collaborative is grateful to HonorHealth’s military training program for providing expertise in the moulage training.


Critical Incident Management System

The Critical Incident Management System video is intended to offer just-in-time training for volunteers and staff of a shelter or family reunification site. It is not intended to replace any policies or procedures, but provides helpful information to prepare volunteers and staff on what they may observe and what they may do to address mental health challenges.


Stop the Bleed Video

The Stop the Bleed video is intended for educational institutions (Pre-K through higher education) to raise awareness about training that may stop life threatening bleeding following natural and manmade disasters and from everyday accidents.


Disaster Ready Video

The Arizona Health Care Association’s Disaster Ready program provides resource assistance to all skilled nursing facilities in Arizona as part of the Hospital Preparedness Program Grant. This informative video was produced to showcase the accomplishments of this sector of long term care in being “Disaster Ready.”


Day Treatment Agency (DTA) Video

The purpose of this video is to train employees of Day Treatment Agencies (DTAs) that serve developmentally disabled populations in the Incident Command System (ICS). The 45minute ICS video is to enable disaster planning and, ultimately enable DTAs to participate in the DTA Consortium, and Arizona-based group of DTA leaders sharing lessons learned and offering free disaster plan templates, instructional videos for case managers, guidebooks for family/caregiver disaster planning, and more. Accompanying the video are Power Point slides supplementing the video to help viewers prepare for certification exams (100, 200, 700, and 800). Links are provided to additional information and exams on the FEMA website.


The Incident Command System (ICS) Video

The Incident Command System (ICS) video was created to instruct how to customize ICS to fit existing organization structures. It was developed at the request of hospitals, corporations, schools, community health centers, and long-term care facilities, seeking an abbreviated and engaging platform for training. Accompanying the video are Power Point slides supplementing the video to help viewers prepare for certification exams (100, 200, 700, and 800). Links are provided to additional information and exams on the FEMA website.


Active Shooter Action Plan (ASAP) Video

The Active Shooter Action Plan was developed at the request of the school district consortium in Arizona. It is specifically designed to spur discussions among teachers and other employees of school districts, charter schools, and school risk management organizations, but may be accessed by city law enforcement or other interested organizations for purposes of community preparedness. Due to its mature content, the ASAP video is password protected. Access instructions, recommended questions to consider following audience viewing, and access to the video are offered through this link. This particular video may also be downloaded for convenience.


Recovery Table Top Training Videos

The Recovery Table Top Training videos were conducted at the request of corporate representatives. However, school district, hospital, and long-term care facility representatives indicated a desire to hear from experts in their field as well. Panelists rehearsed as the feature program of a monthly Arizona Association of Contingency Planners’ meeting. Although the presentations occurred consecutively, separate videos are also available by industry type.


Early Disaster Exercise Videos

Explosion at Scottsdale Fashion Square by a Universal Adversary

This is the first exercise and video produced by the Collaborative, capturing the cross-training and exercise of military and civilian partners initiated in 2004 (the partnership began officially in 2005, later formalizing as the Coyote Crisis Collaborative). The exercise targeted response to chlorine and Sarin gases, contaminated water, damage occurring at Scottsdale Fashion Square, joint medical response, and a FEMA-level Air National Guard exercise of multiple states.