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Family Reunification

Family Reunification Planning Guides

Emergency Call Center: The Emergency Call Center (ECC) Planning Guide offers information on the state Center processes located at ASU. Emergency Call Center Planning Guide

University Family Reunification Center: The Family Reunification Center (FRC) Planning Guides provides a template for university and municipal FRCs. These are temporary and focus on victim and survivor location until a county Family Assistance Center (FAC) is activated. FRCs may become FACs, depending upon the county. Family Reunification Center Planning Guide

Municipal Family Reunification Center: Forthcoming.

Hospital Reception Site: The Hospital Reception Site (HRS) Planning Guide is a template for hospitals that links to an ECC, FRCs, and FACs. While customized for Arizona, the information nested is standardized and in use by western states. Hospital Reception Site Planning Guide

School Reunification: The School Reunification Planning Guide offers recommendations to schools for reunification purposes. This document is supplemented with tools offered below. School Reunification SR Planning Guide

For other school reunification resources (job action sheets, videos, reunification cards, and methods), please visit the “I Love U Guys” Foundation