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Welcome to the Coyote Crisis Collaborative Website

The Collaborative obtains information on community and industry gaps impacting community resiliency through lessons learned and findings from events. Gaps are brought to the attention of the board for prioritization and approval. Once solutions are created, they are offered to stakeholders and communities.

Charter for the Coyote Crisis Collaborative 

Coyote Crisis Collaborative is a multi-disciplinary preparedness network supporting robust healthcare and other community sector emergency management programs. The mission of the Coyote Crisis Collaborative is to:

  1. Assess and address critical gaps identified by stakeholders as obstacles to community resilience;
  2. Host and generate opportunities for community and regional alliances and networking among organization representatives responsible for disaster planning;
  3. Facilitate and support disaster training and exercises;
  4. Publish guidance documents and other materials that advance the goals to continuous improvement in community disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, recovery and resilience.

For information, contact Deb Roepke, Executive Director of the Coyote Crisis Collaborative, at 480.861.5722 or deb.roepke@coyotecrisis.org

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