Goals and Objectives

The Goal of Day 1

To establish a framework for understanding command structure(s) and situational awareness as well as determine first responder, private sector, and military staging, triage, and transport of pediatric.

Objectives: By the end of the first day, the audience will have a better understanding of:

  1. California’s local and state command structure(s), situational awareness, resources, limitations, and resource distribution; and
  2. First responder, military, and private sector staging, triage, and ground and air transport (including routes).

The Goal of Day 2

To identify legal and mental issues and clarify hospital pediatric evacuation needs, considerations, resources and resource coordination, communications, reunification, and challenges.

Objectives: By the end of the second day, the audience will have a better understanding of:

  1. Legal and mental complexities of hospital interstate evacuations during a catastrophic incident;
  2. Healthcare capacity status identification, hospital needs assessments, communication strategies, and essential elements of information collection during a catastrophic incident;
  3. Transfer of patient information amongst healthcare systems during a catastrophic incident;
  4. Patient tracking in healthcare systems and agencies supporting family reunification during a catastrophic incident; and
  5. Hospital pediatric patient reception best practices and challenges during acatastrophic incident.


Thursday, October 20, 2022, at 2:12PM a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit Southern California, the epicenter is located near downtown Riverside, CA. on the San Andreas Fault line. Multiple aftershocks are still being experienced.