Download the 2022 National Pediatric Disaster Conference Flyer

October 27 – October 28, 2022

8:00AM to 2:30PM MST/PDT

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Due to increases in COVID cases, travel restrictions, and more, the National Pediatric Disaster Conference is changing the format of the event to Zoom.

This event will examine joint response potential and novel resources among first responders, healthcare (including mental health), emergency management, business, nonprofits, military forces, and others using a catastrophic incident scenario to drive discourse. The scenario will only consider the first 24 hours following a massive earthquake in California. However, the focus will be upon solutions which have application for interstate opportunities for improvement across the United States and territories.

Topics will include interstate transport of pediatrics, hospital evacuation and transport of pediatrics, communications/situational awareness (including pediatric patient tracking and data transfer), and family reunification pertaining to pediatric patient movement from hospitals which must evacuate. The Conference will offer innovative models and facilitated discussions among leaders to foster new relationships, effective collaboration, cross-training, and increased awareness about capabilities, limitations, and diverse vernacular employed among partners who may or may not have previously planned together.

Thank you to our Supporters

On behalf of Coyote Crisis Collaborative, thank you to the Oversight Committee members for enabling the conference to come to fruition. In addition, the Collaborative is indebted to the Arizona Department of Health Services, the Arizona Coalition for Healthcare Response (AzCHER), the Pediatric Pandemic Network (PPN), and the Western Regional Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Response (WRAP-EM) for support.

NPD Conference 2022 Supporters