DECEMBER 13, 2018

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM • Lunch will be available

Prescott Resort and Conference Center

1500 AZ-69 • Prescott, AZ 86301

The purpose of the Targeted Event Readiness Forum (TERF) is to provide an environment for exploring opportunities along the disaster response continuum. The TERF is not a disaster preparedness exercise, but instead is a facilitated discussion to foster information sharing. However, you will want to reference your disaster plan in advance to be prepared to offer information if asked.

Support: The TERF is a project of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security, Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, and the Arizona Department of Education (Health and Nutrition Services Division, School Health and Safety Program). It is funded by the Arizona Department of Health Services, and staffed and supported by Coyote Crisis Collaborative (the Collaborative), a multi-disciplinary preparedness network supporting robust healthcare and other community sector emergency management programs.

Host: This event is hosted by Coyote Crisis Collaborative, with the support of the Arizona Department of Health Services. There is no cost for registration.

Target Audience: This meeting is by invitation only. It targets leadership from police, fire, emergency management, healthcare (including behavioral health), school districts, colleges, military, tribal government, local government, public health, and others involved in disaster response for the State of Arizona.

Background: The TERF is planned by representatives from companies and other representatives.

Objectives: Establish new disaster planning relationships and gain new information to improve disaster planning.


1:00 PM – It is July 4th, and the temperature is 88 degrees in Prescott. The Prescott Rodeo is in full swing. Two youth camps are notably in attendance, having been awarded special seating in the front seats of the stadium; children from a burn camp and a diabetes camp are in attendance.

The event is honoring the contributions of tribal veterans from WWII, many of whom are in wheelchairs. The Army National Guard has sent its honor guard for the ceremony, beginning at 2:00PM, and the stadium is at capacity (about 3,500).

1:07 PM – A large section of the stadium on the north side has collapsed due to unknown cause, resulting in smoke and chaos. Early communications from officers and medical personnel at the scene are estimating about 300 or more individuals are injured or dead. In addition, the animals have been startled by the event.

1:10 PM – An updated report from officers and medical personnel have revised the impact to closer to 500, with some victims walking around dazed. About one-third of the attenders may trapped under the collapse, while other victims are laying near the site of the collapse. Family and friends searching for loved ones are confusing the estimate.

A fender bender has stalled traffic for those attempting to leave the venue.

1:15 PM – Civilian vehicles are transporting victims to Yavapai Regional Medical Center West and East. Prescott Fire Department and Lifeline, already on scene, are triaging and have temporarily decided to establish a command center in the Hospitality Center on the south side.

1:30 PM – A fatal vehicle collision has occurred on I-17, blocking traffic heading north from Phoenix, flocking traffic heading north from Phoenix at milepost 250.

Yavapai Regional hospitals are overrun with patients of varying criticality and need to transfer patients arriving to regional and state hospitals.