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The Coyote Crisis Collaborative, in conjunction with school district emergency management representatives, law enforcement, parents, and others, developed a video for teachers offering information on what to do in an Active Shooter incident. Entitled Active Shooter Action Plan (ASAP), the video is intended to encourage teachers (including substitute teachers) to understand their school’s plan for a shooting incident and to spur discussion that will enable teachers to think through complexities that may arise in a shooting incident.

The ASAP video is available at no cost. It builds upon information derived from the U. S. Department of Homeland Security and the City of Houston’s Run, Hide, Fight video. It has been adapted using language that is familiar to teachers, and is available in closed captioned as well.

The ASAP video is a very sobering film, lasting approximately six minutes. It is password protected to enable only those individuals authorized by superintendents within school districts, charter school administrators (if not associated with a school district), or school risk management association authorities to access and download it. Due to the mature content, it is not recommended for children. It is not available to the public, including individuals and families. Click here to obtain the access form to watch the ASAP video.

Click here – If you have already obtained authorization from the Collaborative to access the ASAP video

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