March 26, 2018

8:00 AM to Noon | Breakfast will be available

Twin Arrows Casino

22181 Resort Boulevard, Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

Purpose: The purpose of the Significant Event Readiness Forum (SERF) is to provide an environment for exploring opportunities along the disaster response continuum. The SERF is not a disaster preparedness exercise, but instead is a facilitated discussion to foster information sharing. However, you will want to reference your disaster plan in advance to be prepared to offer information if asked.

Support: The SERF is a project of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security, Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, and the Arizona Department of Education (Health and Nutrition Services Division, School Health and Safety Program). It is funded by the Arizona Department of Health Services, and staffed and supported by Coyote Crisis Collaborative (the Collaborative), a multi-disciplinary preparedness network supporting robust healthcare and other community sector emergency management programs.

Host: This event is hosted by Coyote Crisis Collaborative, with the support of the Arizona Department of Health Services. There is no cost for registration.

Proposed Target Audience: This meeting is by invitation only. It targets leadership from police, fire, emergency management, healthcare (including behavioral health), school districts, colleges, military, tribal government, local government, public health, and others involved in disaster response for the Northern Region of Arizona.

Background: The SERF is planned by representatives from the Northern Region of Arizona.

Objectives: To identify by the end of the meeting some best practices and disaster plan action steps to improve practices in the following areas:

  1. Planning
  2. Operational Coordination
  3. Critical Transportation
  4. Environmental Response/Health and Safety
  5. Mass Care Services
  6. On-scene Security, Protection, and Law Enforcement
  7. Public Health, Healthcare, and Emergency Medical Services
  8. Situational Assessment
  9. Economic and Community Recovery (including Mental Health)

Scenario to Spur Dialogue

Monday March 26, 2018 – Situation Report

Dozens of wind driven wildfires are burning across Central and Northern Arizona with thousands of homes in danger of being engulfed by three separate fires.

The Meyer Fire has burned over 3800 acres in near the town of Pinetop-Lakeside in Navajo County. More than 4,000 people and their homes are impacted.

The 5,000 acre Tressel Fire was started by an overheated truck on I-17 late Saturday night has closed that interstate near the town of Camp Verde Arizona in Yavapai County. The fire continues to move through the rugged terrain in the Bradshaw Mountains and has entered the south eastern neighborhoods after winds pushed the fire across the Verde River late last night near the homes on Quarterhorse Lane.

Flagstaff officials are evacuating portions of the city as the almost 6,000 acre Hayes fire broke through containment efforts hastily set by firefighters and was pushed by high winds into city neighborhoods in south west Flagstaff overnight. Transportation impacts from this fire include the city’s airport, which has cancelled all flights until further notice, interstates I-40 and I-17 are closed, and BNSF announced last night that rail traffic through the area is suspended until it is safe to resume, impacting both cargo and Amtrak service.

Weather forecasts say the area is not expected to see relief from the conditions of low humidity and reduced winds until the [storm front type] moves through the area beginning Thursday into Friday. Many fear this may be too late to catch and contain these fires.

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