Leading the Pack

Disaster Response Partnerships



The purpose of this video is to train employees of Day Treatment Agencies (DTAs) that serve developmentally disabled populations in the Incident Command System (ICS). The 45minute ICS video is to enable disaster planning and, ultimately enable DTAs to participate in the DTA Consortium, and Arizona-based group of DTA leaders sharing lessons learned and offering free disaster plan templates, instructional videos for case managers, guidebooks for family/caregiver disaster planning, and more.

The video is accompanied by four Power Point presentations that offer additional and more comprehensive instruction to prepare you to take the ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800 certification exams. Additional course, information, and tests are available using the following links:

ICS 100 – http://training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-100.b

ICS 200 – http://www.training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-200.b

ICS 700 – http://www.training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-700.a

ICS 800 – http://www.training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-800.b