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Disaster Response Partnerships


Welcome to the Coyote Crisis Collaborative Website

The Collaborative works principally through existing coalitions and associations, obtaining information on community and industry gaps impacting community resiliency. Gaps are brought to the attention of the board for prioritization and approval. Once solutions are created, they are offered to stakeholders and communities. Examples of key initiatives underway include development of:
  1. The Family Reunification Initiative, which is focused on development of family reunification centers, hospital reception sites, emergency call centers, and school reunification.
  2. The Significant Event Readiness Forum (SERF), a facilitated dialogue with all sectors of a region participating. The Southern Region SERF occurred in January of 2017. A Cyber SERF and another regional SERF will be planned for 2017.

The Collaborative also supports the work of other coalitions and associations. Hallmark agreements were reached with the Arizona Pediatric Disaster Coalition and the National Pediatric Disaster Coalition for the Collaborative to serve as managing partner.

The Collaborative was introduced in 2004, but did not achieve nonprofit status until 2011. The organization is sponsored primarily by the Arizona Department of Health Services’ Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and works closely with this agency on projects and priorities. The Collaborative is a multi-disciplinary preparedness network supporting robust healthcare and other community sector emergency management programs through gap identification and solution achievement. Members collaborate, learn from, and challenge one another in developing preparedness capabilities linked to assessment, planning, communications/situational awareness, training, and exercises. The mission is to provide tools, training, resources, and information to facilitate continuous improvement in community disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

For information, contact Deb Roepke, Executive Director of the Coyote Crisis Collaborative, at 480.861.5722 or deb.roepke@coyotecrisis.org

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